Friday, August 9
18:22 Picnic tables and grills Aussie-style cookout
19:22 Theater stage Jam session
Fire pit Bonfire
Saturday, August 10
16:22 Meadow Wedding ceremony
16:44 Meadow Family / wedding party photos
Picnic tables Drinks and mingling
17:44 Picnic tables Dinner
18:22 Picnic tables Tasteful oratory (we hope)
19:22 Fire pit Bonfire (with s'mores)
Theater stage We have been informed that people
enjoy dancing at weddings
Sunday, August 11
10:22 Picnic tables and grills Brunch food, cook and eat
the remaining cookout supplies
Table1. Wedding schedule. All times are given in Mountain Daylight Time (UTC-6). All locations are within the Theater-in-the-Pines Campground.

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