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Crispy Tofu

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Tofu gets a bad rap. Because I'm not the one who usually cooks it. This recipe makes tofu so good you'll have a hard time stopping yourself from eating it plain before you add it to any Chinese/Thai/etc dish. Plaintext version.



Cut the tofu into small cube-ish chunks, approximately 1cm on a side. Small chunks will result in crispier, drier tofu; larger chunks will have a crispy outside with a soft inside.

Add the vegetable and/or sesame oil to a large, flat frying pan. Bring it to low-medium heat. Add the tofu (it should sizzle a bit when it hits the pan). Spread the tofu evenly so that as much as possible is directly on the pan surface and as little as possible is touching each other (or it will stick together), and fry for 5 minutes.

When the bottom of the tofu starts to get golden-brown, it's time to stir it and let a different side of the cube fry. The easiest way is to just mix the tofu into a big mound in the middle of the pan and then shake the pan front-to-back to let the tofu settle randomly flat against the pan. Repeat this process 4-5 times, until most of the tofu's surface is fried and crispy/oily. Depending how crispy you want it, wait longer or shorter to allow for more or less of the moisture in the tofu to boil off.

Finally, turn off the heat and immediately pour the soy sauce on it and shake well until the liquid is finished sizzling off..


Although you will be tempted to snack on it plain, it's best to add crispy tofu to any Chinese-style dish, or thai curry, or anything similar that needs a soy-saucy protein additive. Try Awesome Thing!