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Kamikaze Eggs

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Kamikaze eggs are our go-to party hors d'oeuvre and a consistent hit (after some sometimes skeptical glances at the green deviled eggs peddled by our chef Sam-I-Am). They're quick to whip up if you keep the ingredients on hand. Plaintext version.


Note: Wasabi paste is in most grocery stores' international food aisles now, or any Asian food store. Asian food stores also have seaweed flakes, and we get the ones pictured below at Costco. In a pinch you can use seaweed wrappers made for sushi rolls by tearing them into very small bits, but the seasoning that comes on the flakes is extra tasty.


First, hard-boil the eggs. We learned how to do this from the excellent Food Lab. The short version: Boil enough water to cover all the eggs after you put them in. After the water boils, add the eggs. Cook for 11 minutes. Immediately drain the boiling water and rinse the eggs in cold water. Ideally, let them sit in cold or ice water for a few minutes. This process will ensure they are easy to peel.

Carefully peel the eggs, taking care to remove the shell cleanly from the egg. This is easiest if you first crack the shell on all surfaces, not only one end. Next, slice each egg in half longways and put the yolks in a bowl separately.

Mix the yolks with the wasabi paste, mayonnaise, and sesame oil. You can adjust the quantity of wasabi paste to your taste. Once you have a smooth paste, scoop a spoonful of it back into each half egg white. Sprinkle with the seaweed flakes and, optionally, sesame seeds. Serve either immediately or after chilling.