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Cherry Egg Nog Ice Cream

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While drinking our Christmas egg nog on the beach with fresh cherries, inspiration struck. Plaintext version.

Egg nog:

For the ice cream base, follow this easy recipe for egg nog. For a classic creamy-textured ice cream, increase the ratio of cream to milk and add extra sugar. If instead you have nightmares of empty calories, follow the recipe as is, substitute splenda for sugar, and be aware that leftover ice cream will turn into a brick in the freezer.


Chop up approximately one cup of ripe cherries. Cover them in brandy in a bowl and soak in the fridge over night. Drain and drink the brandy on its own - cherry-infused brandy is *amazing*. We recommend mixing it with any leftover egg nog.


Mix the cherries into the egg nog, and pour the mixture into an ice cream maker. Follow the instructions for that device. Enjoy!